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Aurélie Gauthier Screenwriter, Creator

Writes content for all ages

Aurélie (pronounced R.L.E.) is French but lives in Dublin, Ireland. She travelled the world and her well is full of stories that she’s ready to tell. She always knew she wanted to write and now has the life experience to give great flavour to her writing. Read on to find samples of her work, a detailed bio, and more.

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About Aurélie Gauthier Screenwriter

Background Story

After many years of working in different industries, Aurélie worked as a PA and extra on Films and TV series like Planet of the Apes, Supernatural and Fringe in Vancouver. Then, when she moved to Dublin, Aurélie started working in animation. First, as a script coordinator on the Disney TV series “Space Chickens in Space”, then as a Production Manager on the TV series “Urban Tails” for RTÉ. She was also an Animation Coordinator at Cartoon Saloon on "My Father's Dragon" (Netflix).
Aurélie wrote, directed and produced her first animated short film “Looking For Freedom”. Her short travelled the world during the pandemic while Aurélie couldn't.
Aurélie writes for live-action and animation in English and French.
She was lucky to be selected for the Eureka Series writing programme with 11 other European writers in the spring of 2022.
Her first writing gig was for a French animated TV Series for Gulli titled Monster Shaker. Aurélie created two TV series and also wrote TV spec scripts. Please contact her to request writing samples.

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Looking For Freedom

March 8, 2022

A bird, weary of being trapped in a cage, finds the will to fight her oppressor to reach freedom for her and others' sake. This is a 2 minute animated short film that was written, directed and produced by Aurélie in 2020. It travelled the world through various film festivals while I couldn't due to the pandemic. It was released online on March 8th 2022 to celebrate International Women's day.

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“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.”

Ira Glass

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Dublin, Ireland

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